aluminum foil strip

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  • Aluminum square circles

    Aluminum square circles

    Aluminum square circle refers to a rectangular material with a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material by pressure processing. It is widely used in lighting, interior decora...

  • Circle brushed aluminum

    Circle brushed aluminum

    Circle brushed aluminum is widely used in electrical appliances, thermal insulation, machinery manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, military industry, mold, construction, printing and other industries, such as kitchenware supplies: non sti...

  • aluminum circle tags

    aluminum circle tags

    There is no doubt that in the future, the use of aluminum circle tags and aluminum alloy will be more and more extensive. Aluminum metal ranks the second in the global metal use, next to steel, and has become the second largest metal in peop...

  • aluminum square circle

    aluminum square circle

    With the continuous development of science and technology, aluminum square circle has a very wide range of applications in our lives. The reason why it is widely used is that aluminum has properties that other metals do not have. Because of...

  • Aluminum foil circles

    Aluminum foil circles

    Users of good products cant help but give praise when they use them. But if the quality of the product itself is really not good, even when people use it, there will be some grumbles. Such products are not only not worth our trying to buy, b...


aluminum foil strip