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Lighting Aluminium Circle

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Lighting aluminium circle
  Signi Aluminium is the major professional suppliers of lamps and lanterns aluminium circle products in the lighting industry. Our lighting aluminium circle mainly used to produce lampshade,lamp cover. We produce high quality anodized aluminium circle and painted aluminium circle used in manufacturer different lamp shade , such as recessed lighting , high bay industrial lighting , low bay industrial lighting , traffic light reflectors , sports lighting . 

Aluminium Circle Type Final Products Products Images
Plain aluminium circle
1100  O  0.5--1.5mm
Plain aluminium lamp shade

Performance Advantages : 

    Suitable for bare finish application or normal finish application.

Anodized quality aluminium
   circle 1100 O 
Anodized aluminium lamp shade

Performance Advantages : 

    Good quality of deep drawing , and can maintain semi-specular finish with a 65% minium total reflectivity after bright dip and anodize.

Coated aluminium circle
1100 O 0.5--1.5mm
Coated aluminium lamp shade

Performance Advantages : 

    Have nice painting surface, and deep drawing quality.