aluminum foil strip

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The Dimensions 、Surface quality、Packaging、Diameter List (mm) of Signi Aluminium Circle .
Signi Aluminium is the professional aluminium circle manufacturers , produce high quality aluminium circle products.

  1. Dimension
Parameter Range Tolerance
Thickness for discs (mm)  0.71 — 6.35 for 0.71 to 1.4 +/-0.08
for 1.41 to 2.5 +0.1, -0.13
 for 2.51 to 4.0 +/-0.13
 for 4.01 to 5.00 +/-0.15
 for 5.01 to 6.35 +/-0.20
Thickness for ovals (mm)  1.75 — 3.00 for 1.75 to 2.5 +0.1, -0.13
 for 2.51 to 3.00 +/-0.13
Diameter (mm) 102 — 1250  (a) sheared discs +2, -0
 (b) punched discs +0.5, -0
Earing <5% for ’O’ temper
<9% for H12, H14, H16, H18
  1. Surface quality (aluminium circle)
    Free from scratches, pit marks, rolling bands
    ASTM - B - 209M, Aluminum association — aluminum standards and data.
    BS EN 573-3-2009, BS EN 485-2-2007

  1. Packaging
    The aluminium circle are packed in boxes or pallets with interleave paper, polythene. Pallets and boxes     are strapped with hoop iron and clips. Silica gel packets are placed in the boxes for moisture protection.
  1. Diameter List(mm)
>20 >140 >170 >200 >250 >300 >400 >500 >600 >700 >800
φ20 φ140 φ170 φ200 φ250 φ300 φ400 φ500 φ600 φ700 φ810
φ25 φ141 φ172 φ203 φ252 φ305 φ405 φ505 φ615 φ705 φ838
φ93 φ142 φ173 φ205 φ254 φ310 φ410 φ510 φ610 φ710 φ890
φ100 φ143 φ175 φ210 φ255 φ312 φ420 φ520 φ619 φ720 φ902
φ105 φ144 φ176 φ211 φ258 φ315 φ425 φ525 φ630 φ730 φ945
φ109 φ145 φ177 φ212 φ260 φ320 φ430 φ530 φ635 φ740 φ960
φ110 φ147 φ178 φ215 φ267 φ325 φ435 φ540 φ645 φ760 φ1000
φ112 φ149 φ180 φ216 φ268 φ330 φ440 φ545 φ650 φ770 φ1150
φ115 φ150 φ181 φ217 φ270 φ335 φ445 φ550 φ655 φ780 φ1200
φ118 φ153 φ182 φ218 φ272 φ340 φ450 φ560 φ680 φ800  
φ120 φ154 φ183 φ220 φ274 φ345 φ455 φ565 φ690  
φ121 φ155 φ184 φ221 φ275 φ350 φ460 φ570  
φ122 φ157 φ185 φ222 φ277 φ355 φ465 φ575  
φ123 φ158 φ188 φ225 φ278 φ360 φ470 φ580  
φ124 φ160 φ190 φ226 φ280 φ364 φ475 φ585  
φ127 φ161 φ192 φ230 φ282 φ368 φ480  
φ128 φ162 φ193 φ233 φ285 φ370 φ485  
φ129 φ163 φ195 φ235 φ290 φ375 φ490  
φ130 φ164 φ198 φ237 φ292 φ380 φ495  
φ132 φ165   φ238 φ294 φ385  
φ133 φ166   φ240 φ295 φ390  
φ134 φ167   φ242   φ395  
φ135 φ168   φ245  
φ136 φ169   φ249