aluminum foil strip

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  • aluminum circle for cookware bottom

    aluminum circle for cookware bottom

    The range of metal materials used for cooking utensils is very narrow, because cooking utensils need good thermal conductivity and stable chemical properties, otherwise the taste of food will change. Many metals have good thermal conductivit...

  • 3003 DC aluminum circle

    3003 DC aluminum circle

    3003 DC aluminum circle is a common product of aluminum manganese alloy series. Due to the manganese alloy element, the product has excellent anti rust properties, also known as antirust aluminum plate. The strength is about 10% higher than...

  • round aluminum slugs

    round aluminum slugs

    Round aluminum slugs is also ubiquitous in our life, such as all kinds of home appliance shells, all kinds of electronic products and automotive products. The weight and strength of aluminum strip are not high. Although the strength of pure...

  • stainless steel aluminum clad circle

    stainless steel aluminum clad circle

    One of the most well-known applications of multilayer application materials is household and commercial cookware. Combining the corrosion resistance, plasticity, and food compatibility of the stainless and stainless steel layers on the front...

  • circle brushed aluminum sheet

    circle brushed aluminum sheet

    Circle brushed aluminum sheet is a kind of common sheet metal, which is also widely used. There are many processing technologies of the pattern, such as random pattern drawing, thread drawing, straight pattern drawing, ripple drawing and sp...


aluminum foil strip