aluminum foil strip

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  • thin metal circle

    thin metal circle

    Signi Aluminum introduced advanced thin metal circles production equipment to effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization, and shorten the delivery cycle. Our company can produce cast-rolled and hot-rolled thin metal c...

  • aluminum disc for sale

    aluminum disc for sale

    Aluminum discs are light in weight and beautiful in appearance, so they are widely used in many decoration materials. In order to make the products produced more beautiful and have better characteristics, these companies will purchase from t...

  • solid metal circle

    solid metal circle

    In the production process of solid metal circle , technical workers must understand the basic production process. When you have a detailed understanding of the basic production process of the product, there will be no problems in the product...

  • Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle

    Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle

    1. Product introduction The Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle produced by Henan signi is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection material, which is based on pure aluminum / aluminum alloy and coated with 304 / 316 / 430 sta...

  • sheet metal circles

    sheet metal circles

    Sheet metal circles are aluminum products processed by aluminum coils through stamping equipment, usually in a circular shape. Sheet metal circles are divided into tableware sheet metal circles , cosmetic sheet metal circles, stamping sheet...


aluminum foil strip